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Tiny Storage

Starting from 8000 EUR (incl. VAT)
Tiny Sauna

This little outdoor sauna is a perfect addition to your garden!

All the smallest details are thought out for you - spacious changing room, stove that is heated from the outside to avoid the mess in the sauna room, proper ventilation, wide and high sauna benches for comfort and ease while indulging in traditional sauna rituals.

8000 EUR (incl. VAT) included in the price:

  • 4.7 m2 sauna room

  • 2.2 m2 changing room

  • Solid timber frame

  • Rock wool insulation, 10cm thick

  • Solid plank outer cladding

  • Fibre cement sheet roof

  • Custom made wooden window

  • Restored old solid wooden entrance door with glass panel

  • Glass sauna door

  • Solid wood floor planks 5cm thick that allow moisture to drain and construction to aerate

  • Wood burning sauna stove 20 kW, heated from the outside to avoid mess in the sauna room

  • 2 vents for fresh air supply in the sauna room

  • Untreated aspen plank sauna interior and benches

  • Sauna benches 80 cm high and 75 cm wide for comfortable sauna rituals

  • Additional pull-out benches for resting legs

  • Lights in the interior and exterior, power supply sockets in the changing room

Shipping is not included in the price. Sauna rocks are not included in the price.

Custom made solutions also possible - get in touch with us!

sauna plan.jpg

1. Terrace

2. Sauna room

3. Sauna bench

4. Wood burning sauna stove

5. Wooden rail

6. Custom made window

7. Wooden carcass with insulation

8. Solid timber cladding

9. Solid wood plank flooring

10. Terrace planks

11. Sauna doors - reclaimed exterior door, glass sauna door

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