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Here is what the process of creating your tiny passive home with will look like:

Research if the tiny house and downsized living is the right choice for you. There are plenty of online resources to dive into.

Contact us to get acquainted, communicate the basic ideas, and see if we are the right partner for you. If you can, you are welcome to visit the company. Online meeting with us is also an option. This is the moment to get in touch with us!


Once you decide to go forward with the project, we shall sign a basic contract outlining the process and you will be required to deposit 1000 EUR . This amount is non-refundable but will be deducted from your first build payment.


This is the stage we shall work closely to agree on your desired house design. You are welcome to share all your ideas about the house and we will then do our best to incorporate them in the layout. To speed up the process you can also choose one of our finished designs. The designer's time is charged 25 EUR + VAT per hour. All the design work is done in-house on SketchUp software.


After we have finalized the design we shall take some time to get a precise quote for all the materials. Then you will be presented with the price of your house and also how much separate Stages of your house cost.


Building of your new home begins! It takes 3 months to complete. We work on a progress payment schedule and request a 40% deposit (minus the pre-paid 1000 EUR)  when we start to build. We then have 2 further progress payments of 25% to be paid at set milestones based on the progress of your build. There is then a final 10% payment to be paid upon completion of your build before pickup/delivery.

During the build of your house you will be regularly notified about the progress. This includes receiving regular e-mails containing photos of the work done. You are also welcome to visit the construction site yourself.

After the house is built we clean it inside and out, take photos and videos of it and arrange the best way to deliver it to your desired location. Yes, some dreams do come true...!

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