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Tiny single

This little house is a single module that has all the necessary amenities and comfortably sleeps 2 people. Total internal area 23 m2, including lofts - 31 m2. Loads of storage space, energy efficient outer shell. Can be inhabited year round. Interior layout and material choices can be altered according to client's needs.


Tiny duo

House consists of two single modules that are joined together. Total internal area - 43 m2. Adding loft areas the total internal area is 57 m2.

As our houses are built from wood, the second module can be added later to already existing and functioning shouse. Comfortably sleeps 5 people.


Tiny hotel cabin

This little hotel cabin is a single module and includes built-in basic amenities and a double bed. Total internal area - 22,5 m2. Good for short-time stays, has large windows in living area so that guests can enjoy the views. Is well insulated, so can well be used in cold winter weather as well.

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