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Tiny Duo

Starting from 80 000 EUR (incl. VAT)
Tiny Duo

Perfect L-shaped family tiny house! Tiny Duo consists of two single modules that are joined together. Total internal area - 43 m2. Adding loft areas the total internal area is 63 m2.


Assembly can be done in stages - first fully equipped and functional module built and delivered first, can be inhabited immediately. And then another module added later to create more living space and extra loft. As our houses are built from wood, the second module can be added later to already existing and functioning house. Both modules combined comfortably sleeps 5 people. There can be a door installed between modules to create two separate areas.


Can be inhabited year round. Complete turn-key build. Interior layout and material choices can be altered according to client's needs. For the price you will get:

  • 2 solid wooden frames

  • Insulation 26 cm in the walls, roof and floor

  • Metal sheet roof, window sills, gutter kit

  • Triple-glazed PVC windows and doors

  • Air-to-air heat pump

  • Flow through water heater

  • Recuperation ventilation systems 2 pcs

  • Electric wiring, sockets, lighting

  • Plywood interior finish

  • Wooden floor

  • Linoleum in the bathroom

  • Equipped bathroom with built-in shelving

  • Equipped entry with racks and shelving

  • Fully equipped kitchen with stovetop, oven, hood, sink, tap, dishwasher, full size refrigerator

  • 3 elevated lofts with carpet tiles, mattresses and built-in storage

  • 3 plywood staircases with built-in storage

  • Built-in custom made storage couch

L-shaped tiny house layout plan
L-shaped tiny house layout plan

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