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Built in Latvia and delivered across Europe

What is an energy efficient house?

Energy efficient house is a building which requires less energy for heating and maintenence. We try to go as far as to build as close to Passive House standards as possible. Passive House consumes as little as 10% of the energy used by a typical central European building - meaning energy savings of up to 90%, according to an International Passive House Association. It is achieved by using proper insulation, doors, windows and ventilation system. Properly built house saves money on winter heating as well as on air conditioning in hotter weather. More on Pasive Houses here.

Why choose a tiny house?

It offers independence in turbulent times. Properly insulated and efficient tiny house built in our factory can become your permanent dream home in just a couple of months. Our prefabricated tiny homes are 3 meters wide and 9 meters long - they can be loaded on a standard low-bed trailer and delivered to your desired spot. If it is a larger house - we deliver 2 separate modules. It is the cheapest delivery method as it needs no additional accompanying safety transport or special carriage permit.

Why isn't it built on a trailer?

There are limitations to mass that can be towed by trailer in Europe. House on wheels may lack energy efficiency and sturdiness due to its light weight. When the house is built according to passive house standards a lot of solid materials are used. Our mobile homes can be delivered anywhere in Europe. They also can be safely moved over the course of time if necessary.


  • Thick insulation - minimal utility costs
  • Fully functional and comfortable
  • Movable if necessary

We build tiny houses 9m(L) x 3m(W) x 3.8m(H) at our workshop in Latvia. Our small houses can be complete turn-key build's (fully finished and furnished) or empty, well insulated shells that provide space for a customer to DIY. Contact us with any questions or ideas!

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