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About us

Martin & Aija - creators and owners of

"We want to build the most rational homes - to help people get out of apartments and inefficient housing. Tiny but fully functional, cheap to live in, and if there ever is a need - movable to another location. Our tiny houses are exactly that."

We are featured in the largest Latvian news website in recent article about tiny houses! Check it out here:
TA6HDQ_delfi_bright_blue.png is a family owned and operated small scale construction company located in the middle of the Baltic states, Latvia. Hence, wooden building materials are within close reach and reasonably priced. This means cheaper house for you using highest quality materials. 

Our team members have built residential homes, farm buildings, sheds and saunas here in Latvia and abroad. Recently we have passionately turned our attention to tiny houses. We understand the pressures of modern economy, the allure of more simple, downsized living. 

We also feel the concern about rising energy prices and are always looking to build our homes as close to Passive House standards as possible. team
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