Our tiny houses are 27 m2 movable, fully functional, durable and insulated houses designed for a year-round habitation

Frame + cladding

The main frame and outer cladding is made with locally sourced solid wood planks which is a relatively inexpensive material in Latvia. The frame is durable and sturdy. Another bonus for a wooden frame is an option to attach another tiny house module to your existing one.



We follow the passive house principles when choosing insulation. We use rock wool with thickness of 25 cm. All 6 planes of the house are insulated. Overall wall thickness is approximately 30 cm. Houses are suitable for harsh living conditions in the North and they also heat up a lot less in a hot sunny weather conditions.


Metal sheet roof, gutter kit and window sills.

Doors and windows

PVC 3 glass windows and doors - energy efficiency is the main objective when windows and doors are selected. Wooden doors and windows also possible.

Interior walls

We opt for plywood that is made in Latvia. This material creates even surface, can be painted in your desired color and is very durable and long lasting. Also, it hold bolts very well in case you want to add extra shelfs on your walls.


We suggest vinyl tiles that can have various patterns to create your desired feel. This material is light weight and durable, easy to clean. Vinyl is also used to cover bathroom interior as it is waterproof and can substitute tiles well. On the lofts we prefer to use soft carpet tiles, that feel more cozy. 

Furniture and cabinetry

As our homes are fully functional houses designed for a full-time living, so storage space is crucial. Most of the unique furniture and storage solutions are made by our carpenters using plywood. Kitchen can be custom made by our carpenters or furnished with IKEA cabinets.

Heating and ventilation system

For any house to become a passive house it is equipped with an air recuperation system. That is a clever ventilation system that heats up the incoming air with the heat you already have in your house. Extra warmth in the house is provided by a heat pump technology. Water is heated with flow-through water heater.

Off-grid solutions

Possible upon request. If you have solar panels on or near your tiny house, it can also charge your electric car - with free energy!

tinyhouse.lv houses are not just a getaway place or a fun short term project on wheels - our builds are affordable, solid forever homes.