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Frequently asked questions

Do you build custom?

Yes, we can adjust any model to your specific requirements and needs! Please get in touch with us with your ideas!

How do I book a construction time with your company?

Just let us know you want us to build a house for you, we will then offer the next available time slot! You can book it by signing an Earnest money agreement and depositing 1000 EUR. This money is non-refundable and is deducted from the first instalment once we sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement. Once you book a time slot with us we have the time to work on the desired design!

What is the payment schedule?

40% upon signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement; 40% after the outer shell is finished and we begin interior work; 20% upon completion of the build, before scheduling of delivery.

What documentation can you provide for the house?

We provide 2-dimensional house plans, 3-dimensional sketches, foundation plan and electrical scheme. Static calculations, energy efficiency calculations and 1:100 sketches also available - upon request.

Do you provide loans or other financing?

Unfortunately not.

Do you have ready-made houses for sale?

No, we don't. Each house is made to order - the client can decide on changes they want to make to adjust the house to specific needs! Get in touch!

Why don't you build tiny houses on wheels?

There are limitations to mass that can be towed by trailer in Europe, it is 3500 kg in most countries. House on wheels may lack energy efficiency and sturdiness due to its light weight. houses are solid builds that weigh 10 tonnes. But still they can be delivered mostly anywhere in Europe. Our tiny houses also can be safely moved over the course of time if necessary.

What foundation is best for this tiny house?

Our builds have wooden base and there are a couple of options when it comes to placing the house: + Concrete block foundation; + Concrete pier foundation; + Screwpile foundation. If you order a house with us we will also provide a foundation plan for you. In no circumstances the house should be placed directly on the ground or gravel. Also, make sure the foundation is levelled!

Why isn't the house painted?

It can be! Just let us know what your wishes are. We use dried spruce planks to clad the houses. It is a slow grown spruce timber, hardy and long lasting. We build a ventilated facade without tongue and groove which allows planks to naturally shrink and expand in different weather conditions and air out the excess moisture. This way the facade planks last a long time and if not painted they turn naturally gray over time. Also - you are welcome to paint the cladding planks yourself or oil them for extra protection once they have acquired the natural gray shade!

Is this house suitable for Northern climates?

Of course! Our houses are solid builds with all necessary amenities, they are cheap to run and look good. Thick walls, efficient windows and doors in combination with an air recuperator ventilation system provide pleasant climate year-round, whether you are in the South or North!

Can I have a wood-burning stove in this tiny house?

As a builder we are able to build a chimney construction in the roof and install a wood burning stove of your choice. However we do not recommend doing that as any wood burning stove however small still emits too much heat for such a small house. The electric convector radiators that come as standard in our builds are sufficient. Also, please check with your local municipality regarding fire safety requirements before opting for a wood stove!

Can this house be delivered in winter?

Yes, if the weather conditions allow for heavy transportation to move on the dirt roads. Most suitable time for delivery in winter is when the ground is fully frozen.

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