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Tiny Equipped 1

Factory price 59 300 EUR (incl. VAT 21%)
Tiny Equipped 1

This little house is a single module that has all the necessary amenities and comfortably sleeps up to 4 people. Total internal area 22 m2, including lofts - 32 m2. Loads of storage space, built-in storage stairs, energy efficient outer shell. Can be inhabited year round. Complete turn-key build. Interior layout can be altered to your needs.

Please follow the link to find out more about material choices.


For the price you will get:

  • C24 certified timber frame

  • 24cm rock wool insulation

  • Metal sheet roof and window sills

  • Spruce timber cladding

  • Triple-glazed wooden or glassfiber windows and a door

  • UPONOR pipe-in-pipe water supply system

  • Electricity, built-in ceiling lights, light switches

  • Solid pine wood floors

  • Plug-in electric convection radiator with WiFi connection

  • Walk-in shower booth with FIBO wall panels, 8mm thick glass sliding door, PAA stone mass shower tray, ORAS shower set


  • 80 liter electric water boiler wall-mounted

  • Sink, ORAS tap

  • Plug-in electric towel rack

  • ZEHNDER ventilation recuperation system unit ComfoAir70

  • Solid pine wood door to the bathroom

  • Custom made Baltic plywood kitchen with built-in stovetop, hood, sink, tap, recycle bin drawer, drawer unit (prepared space and connections for refrigerator, oven, dishwasher)

  • Solid oak wood kitchen countertop treated with OSMO products

  • 2 lofts with solid pinewood floors and pine wood slat walls for safety

  • Plywood custom made storage stairs with oak wood timber steps

  • All wooden parts and plywood treated with high-quality German-made OSMO products for shade and durability

*images for illustrative purposes only. Free-standing furniture is not included.

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