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Tiny Storage

Factory price 9000 EUR (incl. VAT 21%)
Tiny Storage

This little outdoor storage unit is a perfect addition to your tiny house!

It matches you tiny house, looks good in the garden, can store all your essentials that need a warm space - water pump, solar panel inverter and batteries, water filter systems and so much more.

9000 EUR (incl. VAT 21%) included in the price:

  • 4m x 2,5m x 2,66m C24 timber carcass;

  • Ruukki metal sheet gable roof (5% sloped), colour anthracite;

  • 1 PVC door and 1 double glazed PVC window, colour anthracite;

  • Sloped exterior walls, spruce cladding, untreated;

  • 10 cm rock wool insulation with vapour barrier and wind barrier;

  • 2 air vents;

  • Plywood interior, treated with Osmo products;

  • Spruce plank floor, treated with Osmo products;

  • Detachable roof above the door

Shipping is not included in the price. 

Custom made solutions also possible - get in touch with us!

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