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Tiny Basic

Starting from 29 500 EUR (incl. VAT)
Tiny Basic

This little house is a single module that has all the very basic amenities and can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. Total internal area 23 m2, including lofts - 34,3 m2. It is ideal for those who love to DIY and want to equip the house themselves. For the price you will get:

  • Solid wooden frame

  • Insulation 26 cm in the walls, roof and floor

  • Metal sheet roof, window sills, gutter kit

  • Triple-glazed PVC windows and a door

  • Electric plug-in radiator

  • Small water boiler

  • Recuperation ventilation system

  • Electric wiring, sockets, lighting

  • Plywood interior finish

  • Wooden floor

  • Equipped bathroom with WC

  • Small basic kitchen with stovetop and sink, tap, hood 

  • 2 elevated lofts


Can be inhabited year round. Interior layout and material choices can be altered according to client's needs.

26,02,2023 tiny basic.jpg

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